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The Scuola Toscana Perfecting Course (B2/C1)

The Scuola Toscana Perfecting Course (B2/C1)

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The definitive course in Italian language, finely tuned for you -  with the book created by the professional teachers at Scuola Toscana Firenze


108 PDF pages with explanations - diagrams- exercises - keys


After you have completed this course, your Italian will be fluent and spontaneous.


From "penso che Lei parli veramente bene la lingua " up to "Se fossi italiano, mangerei spaghetti tutti i giorni !"

(from "I think you speak the language really well" - up to "If I were Italian, I would eat spaghetti every day!")


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Study Italian with the best ! The fastest and most reliable way to learn Italian


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