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The Vatican Museums: The Collections of the Popes

The Vatican Museums: The Collections of the Popes

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The Vatican Museums are a complex of more than 20 collections, spanning nearly ten thousand years, from 8 millennia BC vases from the middle east to XX century art, displayed in over 8 km of galleries (5 miles) and about 300 rooms. 

In this overview we’ll start from the Pinecone Courtyard, explore the collection of Greek and Roman sculptures, in the Belvedere Complex, including the famous statue of Apollo, the Laocoon and the Belvedere Torso, the statues of animals, the Coffins of St. Helen and St. Constance, the Galleries of Tapestries and the frescoed Maps of all Italy painted in 1585.

The Vatican Museums also include a small Egyptian Collection, an important Etruscan Museums, the Portraits from Palmyra, statues from Hadrian’s Villa and many other wonders than we will explore using a number of 3d images, photos and videos and great storytelling to condense it all in a comprehensive but agile virtual experience.

Great for both connoisseurs and first timers who want to learn more or just get acquainted with the Vatican and its Museums.


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