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This is Florence

This is Florence

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Guide to the Discovery of the City’s Wonders

Hi guys, this is Florence! In its streets, for its squares, many stories to tell. We will get to know famous monuments, important personalities and with the help of Pittor Nano, who will give shape and color to our visit, we will play together to discover the city. To play this book you will have to learn to decipher the find-find riddles and be very, very curious. Remember also that sometimes the works that you will encounter in the streets of the city have been replaced by copies, necessary to allow the correct conservation of the originals, now exhibited in the museums. If you want to know Silvano Campeggi, called Pittor Nano, you can find his "double self-portrait ”among those collected in the Uffizi Gallery's Collection of Self-Portraits. The collection, continuously enlarged, has long been exhibited in the Vasari Corridor. Wanted by Cosimo I in 1565 and designed by Giorgio Vasari, this long walkway served to protect the Grand Dukes on their way from Palazzo Vecchio, the seat of government, to Palazzo Pitti, their residence ... Texts by Laura Bati, drawings by Nano Campeggi.

Editor: Polistampa
Published 01/11/2017
Pages 60
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