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VAL D'ORCIA - PICTURE GALLERY 2 by Gino Cianci, Photographer

VAL D'ORCIA - PICTURE GALLERY 2 by Gino Cianci, Photographer

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"This landscape photography project in Val d'Orcia (SIena, Tuscany) is the fruit of my own personal quest to decipher the surreal element encoded in this splendid territory.

Shaped, trasformed and made fertile by human wisdom, this land seems to supersede its mere earthly components in what I call “choreographic art”.

So I set out to revisit these places, to capture the colours of the dawn and dusks, the earth, the skies and bring out the natural features we sometime miss, though they have beeb there all along.

I used the sun, that light which gives life and strenght to this land.

These images may cause you to wonder how I achieved certain effects (and there ma be many questions indeed) but let me say that in every photograph the observer should never focus on working out which method or technology was used, wheter digital or analogical.

Just free your mind and take in it, because is the result that matters."

Gino Cianci, Photographer

84 Pages
Height 22 cm
Width 240 cm 

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