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Weekend a Firenze srl

Vivaldi the sound of Venice

Vivaldi the sound of Venice

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Antonio Vivaldi was, at the beginning of the last century, consider a minor venetian musician, known mainly for some tunes used by one of Bach’s sons in his compositions, and then forgotten.

But when at the beginning of the 1900 a large collection of his manuscripts were uncovered in a private collection, with thousands of partitions and hundreds of concertos, a new Genius of Music was uncovered and he has become one of the most famous and played baroque musicians ever since.

We will look into his life, his time, his personal struggles and a secret love story. We’ll dive into his music following some original autograph partitures, paintings of his time, and much more.

Private Virtual Guided Tour with The Grand Tour: using the Zoom platform you can connect live, record, share with your family and friends, you can ask live questions and interact with other participants.

It is a fun and engaging and fun way to spend your time with your Family, Friends or Colleagues!

Book your preferred time and Date, you will receive instant confirmation, then we will be in touch with you, we will provide the invitation code to use in Zoom to connect with on the Live Tour. Simple. 

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