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Wine and Oil from Adriatic Area - 6 bottles + 2

Wine and Oil from Adriatic Area - 6 bottles + 2

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A very long name: Villa San Filippo di Monte San Giusto (MC) for a slow place, like the Chienti river which flattens out here and widens next to the sea, giving the finest sand
to the beaches between Civitanova and Porto Sant’Elpidio.

Here, every little hill becomes Monte (Monte San Giusto, Montegranaro, Montecosaro) because it offers the space of the view of vineyards orderly, sinuous, competing
with the golden yellow plate of the spots a grain. Broad views towards the sea o
the Sibillini mountains caress the eyes never tired of so much serenity.

Collemara is the name that Cantina Santori wanted to give to the renewed production and planting of vines native of the area of ​​Macerata, among such as Ribona (or Maceratino), Pecorino, Montepulciano, or classics: Merlot, Montepulciano and Sangiovese. Here they find a sunny, dry environment and fruitful in quality. 

2 Bottles Ribona Colli Maceratesi Doc / 0.75 l

The Ribona Colli Maceratesi Doc is a now rare, typical white grape of the hinterland of the Adriatic coast in the province of Macerata. The origin is in the meeting of the Picenes with the Greeks.
Ribona is the local synonym, together with maceratino, verdicchio marine, bianchetta. It has clusters of medium to large size, cylindrical with very tight grapes. The peel is little thick and pruinose, golden in color with brown veins. Colle mara offers it in purity, floral scent, fragrant in the mouth and good body. In combination with Mediterranean fish, appetizers and white first courses.


2 Bottles Marche Bianco IGT Pecorino 100% / 0.75 l

Pecorino Marche Bianco Igt is a pure pecorino, a grape variety white present in the hinterland of the Chigiano and Abruzzo seas and up to 1000 m above sea level in the area of Visso and Cupi, in the province of Macerata. Although the origin is in Norcia (PG) in 1600, it is only for 20 years that it has been relaunched and worked in purity with great results. Collemara proposes it in purity, it has a fresh taste, it is joyful in the mouth because it is harmonious and fruity, it is fragrant and structured.

Ideal in combination with Mediterranean fish, soups of vegetables and white first courses.


2 Bottles Eris Marche Rosso IGT / 0.75 l

The Eris Marche Rosso Igt is the fruit of of the processing of three red grape varieties
important: Montepulciano, Cabernet and Merlot to build a particular product which then matures at least 12 months in stainless steel barrels and at least another 6 months in the bottle.

It shows up very intense ruby red color, reminiscent of red fruits on the palate
and violet, scent of red rose and in the mouth it is surprising for harmony and structure.

Collemara recommends it in combination with all that on the table it is red: from meats to desserts, from first courses with red sauces, to red vegetables: grilled peppers.


1 bottle of Virgoro Cultivar Piantone di Mogliano EVO oil / 0.25 l

VIRGORO Piantone di Mogliano is an oil evo monovarietal from Piantone di Mogliano olives, typical variety of the hills of Macerata. It is a delicate, harmonious and balanced oil, with a green color with golden reflections.

It has a light fruity taste with pleasant herbaceous notes, combined with hints of apple, of tomato and almond. On the palate it is very fluid, highlighting a sweet note with slight hints of bitter and spicy. 

In the kitchen it is excellent on delicate dishes: with fish, with meats
white and in soups.


1 bottle of Virgoro Cultivar Mignola EVO oil / 0.25 l

VIRGORO Mignola is a monovariety Evo of Mignola olives, a typical variety of the Marche region. 

It's an oil with a green color with yellow reflections, because it is rich in carotenes.
It has a medium fruitiness with hints of berries, banana, currant. As soon as it is put in the mouth, it releases a clear sensation of sweet, which gives way, after a few seconds, to a note of very persistent bitterness due to the richness in polyphenols. Gravely spicy, it is ideal for mixed and variegated salads, hard boiled vegetables, bruschetta.



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