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Writings on Masaccio - Certainties and suppositions; by Marco Fidolini

Writings on Masaccio - Certainties and suppositions; by Marco Fidolini

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The  eye  undoubtedly  plays  a  key  role  in  this  analysis,  which,  in  part,  goes against  the  erudite,  though  often  arid  conclusions  that  art  historians  have drawn  by  producing  documents  and  brandishing  them  to  the  detriment  of  a number  of  specific  analyses  of  art  and  form,  and  profound  inner  intentions that  are  just  as  forceful  and  decisive  in  the  work  of  every  great  artist.The larger part of the book is comprised of a chapter written in the late 1980s and  published  in  the  volumeImpegno  e  realtà. 

Da  Masaccio  alla  Nuova Oggettività,  but  extended  with  additional  iconographic  contributions  and  a number  of  reflections  prompted  by  the  restoration  of  the  frescoes  in  the Brancacci Chapel completed in 1990, and the subsequent reconsideration of attributions to Masaccio.The collection in this edition, though in keeping with writings  already  published  on  other  occasions  with  the  addition  of  some  fur-ther nuances,  integrates some information and exegetic details, supplement-ed by two short essays.

The first is on the supposed certainty of authorship of theTickling  Madonna  (Madonna  Casini),  with  a  short  paper  by  James  Beck, and the second is on the Pisan predella with theCrucifixion of St. Peter.

cm 17x24

pp. 128

ill. b/w,

18 tavv. col. 

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